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Economic mental training


at work

leaves the work

advised splendidly. "


Why do I like to work as a management consultant and business mental trainer?

As a management consultant and master's degree in economics and social sciences, as well as years of practice in tax consulting with a very diverse insight into different company, personnel and management structures, it is particularly nice for me when I can offer help to entrepreneurs and employees so that they can carry out their various activities with a lot of joy and fun , relaxed , clear and focused ,  without losing personal strength and therefore stay healthy and successful in their special fields of work!

What is business mental training?

Since I know from my own experience how stressful and also physically draining a job can be, I am able to pass on efficient application techniques.  


These are sometimes very short exercises  Can also be used very well during work (e.g. while copying, before picking up the telephone receiver, while getting coffee, and much more) . Because of this, these techniques are actually effective and helpful !  

The person  learns with different techniques to relax even for a short time - so the body does not get stuck in "stress mode" during a working day, but tension and relaxation are in the optimal case in harmonious balance. This enables the person to concentrate well, think clearly, and does not tire easily.

Who is the business mental training for?

  • For all managers and employees who:


  • have a lot of stress - hang in "stress mode" and cannot get out,

  • are unbalanced, easily angry and irritable,

  • find it difficult to concentrate in between and the working day feels way too long,

  • are often sick or have the same illness over and over again, have the same tension patterns and have been clarified by a doctor,

  • have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep and have been clarified by a doctor,

  • Often take the work home with you in your thoughts, but also in material form,

  • there is no time for friends and free time,

  • are very nervous about small and large presentations,

  • do not "dare / can" say NO,

  • no longer see the desk due to mountains of files,

  • are highly sensitive and empathetic, find it difficult to deal with,

  • Need help with the work structure and workplace design,

  • ...

What can economic mental training achieve?

  • relaxed working with relaxed company people

  • Carrying out work with more joy, fun, patience

  • fewer cases of illness, thus lower sick leave

  • lower fluctuation

  • stronger team spirit

  • higher creativity

  • Concentration can be maintained throughout the day

  • self-assured and self-confident appearance of the people in presentations, customer meetings, ...

  • Work structures change

  • Improvement of workplace design

  • Strengthening self-worth and self-confidence

  • and much more.

How is business mental training carried out?

  • In teams or small groups of up to 10 company participants:

    • ​​ on-site in the company as a workshop -  Team building event,

    • duration  and subject individually  bookable

  • in a single unit of a participant in the company

    • in the company or in my practice

    • Duration per unit 60 minutes, 

    • Number of units and  topic  individually  bookable

  • If necessary, the economic mental training can also be expanded with energetic individual body work so that the individual person can be promoted even more intensively. 

    • This body work lasts 60 minutes each. The cost can  be fully or partially taken over by the company. They are part of the health care of the employees .


"It is easier,

to solve problems

than living with them. "

Albert Einstein

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