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Body Brain Activity Trainer 


Why am I a body-brain-activity trainer and offer the exercises in my program?

I am enthusiastic about "Body Brain Activity" with the numerous different exercises in different levels of difficulty.  

Children, teenagers and adults carry at home a lot of joy and fun, without pressure to perform, 3-5 times a week for 7-10 minutes each time through the coordinative and visual exercises I have shown.

For example:  special bouncing units, ball exercises, different Exercises with the lying figure eight, eye training and many other great exercises.


There is also the option of numerous online exercises relaxed, to master with a lot of joy.

It will be in a short practice time with the special exercises a very good further development of the brain network achieved!

Children and young people can improve in all areas of school , less time is needed for learning, and the concentration and attention spans are increased and the joy of learning increases!  

I am happy,

with you  "Body Brain Activity Exercises"  to carry out

d amit you faster , with a lot of fun and joy ,  without pressure to perform

can achieve your personal goals!

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