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Mag. Annemarie Brunner

Entspannen- Lernen- feel

Jakobsweg 44/5, 8046 Stattegg

Bergmanngasse 46/1/2, 8010 Graz

Mobile: 0664-5065327

Email: info@entzü


Bank details:

Steiermärkische Sparkasse

in the name of Mag. Annemarie Brunner

IBAN: AT92 2081 5000 4175 6883


Commercial Chamber:

Member of the WKO Styria

FG Personal Service Providers,

Human energetics


I work according to the professional rules for human energetics  and am subject to confidentiality . Through regular further training I expand my knowledge, which I have acquired through recognized training and practice .

The focus of human energetic activities lies in health prevention, health promotion and personal development . The energetic body work or mental training that I carry out is not a substitute for medical diagnoses and various therapies (e.g. physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.). Illnesses and complaints are  to be clarified by a doctor in advance! All of the statements I have made are energetic state descriptions ! I do not make any diagnoses and make no healing promises!


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Copyright notice:

All pictures and texts are copyrighted. A copy, processing, reproduction, distribution, use and the like are only permitted with the express, written consent of the publisher (Mag. Annemarie Brunner)  permissible.

Liability notice:

I assume no liability and no liability for the content of links to external third-party websites; their operators or providers are solely responsible for this.

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