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Mental training for adults

"Watch your thoughts,

because they become words.

Watch your words,

because they become actions.

Watch your actions,

because they become habits.

Watch your habits,

because they become your character.

Watch your character,

because they will be yours

Fate . "


What is mental training for adults?

Mental training is made up of the word mental, which means mind - thinking - thought, and the word training , i.e. exercise. Which means like "Practice and train  yours  Mind and  your thoughts."

What does that mean now?

Anyone who feels that something is not going "smoothly" in their own life can get help with the help of various mental training techniques .

Whether it is an increase in performance in sport, a weight reduction , a possible job change, turning off the carousel of thoughts or changing your private life  - Different mental training techniques help in every situation and lead to more well-being!

Do not dream your life,

but live  Your dream!

Because dreams set goals  

and you can achieve goals!

Thommaso Campanella

How is the mental training carried out?

Relaxation is brought into the body so that the inner peace and serenity is felt or to be able to listen to your own thoughts, words and actions.To perceive tension patterns in the body that are related to the "topic".


There are various relaxation techniques for this:

  1. In the first step , the lived life , the own present is recognized .

  2. The second step is to try to understand the past , no matter how difficult it was, to reconcile with it and to make peace with the past . A clear one is thus achieved. The own roots, the origin is accepted.

  3. In the third step , the bridge to the new is built. Being able to really imagine the vision, the image of the future as an image, learn to feel the feeling and also perceive the body how it feels with the new image of life - are the tension patterns still noticeable? These are the most important areas of the third step.

  4. In the fourth step , the NEW is implemented and the empathy skills are worked on.

What can mental training for adults do?

  • Increase in relaxation, calm and serenity, thereby:

    • better body awareness (pain allocation, ...)

    • better mind control

    • better feeling perception

  • Concentration, stamina, endurance, strength  are activated positively

  • Perception of balanced doing and resting becomes more and more possible

  • Burnout prevention

  • Inner urge to move can be activated

  • Self-esteem, personal responsibility and self-confidence are strengthened

  • Understand and reconcile with the past as much as possible for everyone

  • Define and achieve new goals - intermediate goals and final goals

  • Activate new positive images, feelings and a new body awareness and learn to consciously perceive the change

Which mental training sub-areas are there?

  • Relaxation exercises: eg with breathing, massage stories, relaxation journeys or guided meditations, singing bowl journeys, body relaxation exercises

  • Self-awareness exercises - body awareness exercises: eg through creative dance, listening to silence, activating 5 senses, feeling your own body

  • Exercises on the various emotions and feelings: for example with the help of colors

  • Creativity Exercises: for example to strengthen self-esteem or to find solutions

  • Empathy exercises: These are, for example, exercises to learn to understand other people better or to learn to empathize with other people. Helps in professional and private life!

  • Communication exercises: With these exercises you learn to listen consciously, hear your own voice and also learn to report about yourself.

  • Concentration exercises: various techniques are learned

How long does the mental training unit last?

  • 60 minute units, number as required

  • I recommend to book at least 5 units apart from each 1 to 2 weeks or even combined with energetic body work.

Course of a mental training unit?

  • The process and the techniques used vary depending on the topic.

  • A unit always consists of:

    • A preliminary talk: the issue is discussed in more detail or the changes are discussed in successive appointments.

    • a main work part: this concerns the actual mental training unit on the specific topic and

    • a debriefing part: the contents of the main part are briefly discussed and exercises for at home are given.

  • All units are individually tailored to the person and their development.

Who is mental training for adults suitable for?

  • For all adults who, for example: ​​​

    • want a change in life

    • want to break out of the carousel of thought,

    • want to feel more balanced and relaxed,

    • want to concentrate better and longer,

    • want to feel more emotionally balanced,

    • want to support their body positively and want to set self-healing impulses, 

    • Want to learn rituals and techniques in order to be able to fall asleep better and stay asleep, 

    • Are highly sensitive or very empathetic and are looking for techniques / methods to be able to deal with them better.

    • ...

  • ... to improve stamina and motivation

  •  ... for a better way of dealing with new life situations  

  • ... for better coping with stress - than burnout prevention


You must not

always have a plan.

Sometimes you just have to

breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.

Mandy Hale

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