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Learning coaching

What is learning coaching?

The findings of education and neurobiology show that the greatest learning success can be achieved when learning takes place in a relaxed, motivated and concentrated state with a lot of joy and fun .

As a learning coach, I will help you to achieve such a state.


We - you and I - work together to develop the resource and goal-oriented techniques and exercises that are right for you, with which you can learn in a relaxed manner:

  • to learn independently and in personal responsibility,

  • to learn effectively and in a relaxed manner,

  • To reproduce what you have learned easily and in a relaxed manner,

  • To speak courageously and in a relaxed manner in front of an audience

  • Find joy and fun in learning again

  • ...

"The greatest art is

the children,


what they should do or learn,

to make it a game. "

John Locke

How long does the learning coaching unit last?


60 minute units, number as required

Goal of learning coaching - learning training?


Learning coaching is no tuition !

The learning methods and techniques that are best for you should be worked out in learning training, which you can use effectively and successfully for yourself at school , during your studies or at work.

The focus should more and more be on the joy and fun of learning and doing homework!

How does the learning coaching work?


1st step:

At the first learning coaching appointment, you as the client (child, adolescent or adult) and I as the learning coach will recognize your "weaknesses" together

  • in relaxed learning

  • in the reproduction of what has been learned (in the case of written or oral examinations  as       with exam anxiety)

  • for oral presentations


in a personal, detailed conversation.


In the case of students, at least one parent should be present during the initial interview.


The desired learning goals or learning coaching focuses (for example: Braingym exercises to strengthen concentration, techniques to relax and reduce nervousness, learning organization, strengthening motivation and self-confidence) are defined together.

2.  Step:

  • In the other units we will jointly find the “tools” that are suitable for you in order to achieve your learning goals with relaxation, lots of joy and fun. You get techniques and exercises for effective and relaxed learning, which we practice together and repeat in each subsequent unit or talk about their effects.

  • In order to be able to support you even better in learning, partial performance tests or a learning type test may be carried out.

  • Discussions with parents and feedback from you take place again and again during the units.

  • Working together (learning coach - child - parents) on learning success leads to the desired personal learning goal .

Which areas of learning coaching are there?

  • Relaxation exercises: e.g. breathing, imaginary journeys, mental training techniques and much more.

  • Body awareness exercises

  • Concentration exercises: e.g. Braingym exercises = brain gymnastics exercises and come from kinesiology

  • Learning organization and learning structuring: scheduling learning material - learning to avoid time stress, planning breaks, learning self-management

  • Learning break design

  • Workplace / learning space design:  create a pleasant learning environment

Who is learning coaching suitable for?

  • Preschoolers preparing for school

  • Students

  • Female students

  • adult

  • People that  ...

    • want to learn in a relaxed and effective manner,

    • find it difficult to learn alone,

    • are not yet able to work independently,

    • cannot stay with the matter for a longer period of time,

    • find it difficult to concentrate

    • get easily distracted

    • have little stamina and motivation,

    • are very nervous before and during exams,

    • cannot reproduce what has been learned during the exam,

    • Want to speak relaxed in front of an audience,

    • little trusting oneself,

    • need a lot of care,

    • can handle failure poorly,

    • are tired of school

    • Have lost the joy of learning

    • Want to learn learning techniques that make learning easier,

    • Want to have fun and enjoy learning!

What you say to me, I forget.  

I remember what you have shown me.

I understand what you make me do.


Wisdom from Confucius   

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