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Children and youth energetics as well as children and youth mental training

Children are like butterflies in the wind.

Some can fly higher than others

but every single one flies as best he can.

Everyone is different.

Every single one is beautiful.

Every single one is something whole

Special .

Author unknown


What is child and youth energetics and child and youth mental training?

In child and youth work, energetic body work is required and Mental training hand in hand to achieve the desired positive goals for the child, the adolescent.


In child and youth energetics , gentle touches and techniques are used to bring the child back to physical, emotional and spiritual balance. I work with the 5 elements and the meridian points from TCM , with the chakras and the aura layers , as well as with images of nature in the form of imaginary journeys. Gemstones and lattice tapes are used as a support.


The fantasy journeys are already part of the mental training, which enchants the younger children during their bodywork. For young people, the fantasy journeys are carried out with relaxation music and separately from body work.

Depending on the topic and focus  the children or the youngsters fly  for example on  Lions, horses, butterflies and relaxed get to know the clouds in the rainbow colors, play with dolphins in the sea, dance around a campfire or climb a mountain peak. Every unit is a special experience!

These images of nature and the various animals support the work on relaxation , concentration , self-confidence , courage , joy , perseverance and much more. to strengthen.

Through the targeted touches on the body , the consciously chosen images and the resulting positive feeling, the individual goals of each individual are better achieved.


The child / the  Adolescents learn techniques themselves , so-called "tools to feel better", in the form of brain-gym exercises (= left-right-brain training), mudras (= these are different hand-finger positions that are held in front of the body and closed positive changes in the body), short, light self-touch techniques on the body and much more. Self-responsibility and thus the self-confidence are thus strongly encouraged!  


The different emotions and feelings are learned,  practiced in the form of pictures, short stories or in the game  and drawn. Thus, the child / young person learns the different concepts handle it, can the individual feelings perceive in themselves, learn to better cope with negative feelings and also know ways to the negative change in Positive.

I proceed according to the 5-step subdivision by Daniel Goleman .

With this work the child learns to feel himself, but also to perceive his fellow human beings and to feel how the others are doing. Which is especially important if, for example, the child is an "angry child". “How is the other person doing when I'm raging?” Is, for example, a question that children ask themselves.

How long does the child / youth energetics and mental training unit last?

  • 60 minute units, number as required

  • I recommend booking at least 5 units at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks in order to be able to anchor a longer-term change.

Course of a child / youth energetics and mental training unit?

  • The process varies depending on the age group

  • A unit always consists of a mental training part and a body work part , which are coordinated with the topic to be worked on.

  • All units are built individually on the person and their development.

  • Examples:

    • If the topic concerns learning difficulties: learning and relaxation techniques are developed in addition to mental training and physical balance.

    • Relates to the topic of emotional focal points: the main focus is placed on the emotions and feelings. These are developed in a way that is suitable for children and young people.

Which mental training sub-areas are there?

  • Relaxation exercises:

    • eg different breathing exercises, "body contact stories", fantasy journeys, singing bowl journeys, body relaxation exercises

  • Self-awareness exercises - body awareness exercises:

    • eg through creative dance, listening to silence, activating 5 senses, feeling your own body

  • Exercises on the different emotions and feelings:

    • eg with the help of colors, poster designs, consciously going into nature together and "working" outdoors

  • Creativity Exercises:

    • For example, they help to strengthen self-esteem or they encourage the finding of solutions or ways to cope with everyday life. Children / adolescents get the feeling for “I am sure that I can master every task in life. I will find a solution (possibly together with my parents ...). "

  • Empathy exercises:

    • These are, for example, exercises to learn to understand other people or to learn to empathize with other people / children. "How is the other person when I act like this?"

  • Communication exercises: 

    • With these exercises you learn to listen consciously, hear your own voice and also learn to report about yourself.

  • Concentration exercises:

    • E.g. with Braingym exercises, here there is an overlap with the learning coaching program

For whom are children / youth energetics and children / youth mental training suitable?

  • Children from approx. 3 years

  • Students

  • Female students

  • For children / adolescents who, for example:

    • want stress relief,

    • want to harmonize the body or bring it into flow  and want to set self-healing impulses,

    • want to feel more comfortable in kindergarten or school, 

    • want to be more concentrated,

    • want to be more confident and confident,

    • are often sick or have the same illness over and over again and have been checked by a doctor,

    • want to fall asleep better and sleep through the night,

    • highly sensitive - are empathetic and want to deal with it better,

    • and much more.


A child is a little hand

which leads back

into a world  

that one has forgotten.

Author unknown

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