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About me

My name is

Mag. Annemarie Brunner ,  

i live in a partnership and

have two  wonderful guys.


I grew up on a farm in a large family.  Learning in every form was on the daily agenda. Unfortunately at that time I didn't know any learning and relaxation techniques or  energetic body work in order to be able to deal with the stress of learning or to learn faster and more efficiently. I could also have designed the way I learned with my siblings differently.  

Since I was always enthusiastic about learning and still am, I embarked on the "learning career" after an economic career. For many years I have been concerned with how one can support children, adolescents, students and adults with different techniques and learning tools. I discovered that relaxation in the body is very important. Only then can you learn really efficiently and, above all, it is then possible to use what you have learned without stress and "memory gaps" to reproduce.

All life is learning, so it is that one begins to me of particular importance as early as possible with the implementation of relaxation exercises, so the body can remember this pleasant state and health remains. When relaxation and tension are in balance, the body can stay healthy!

Nowadays the children are already under constant stress , so it is particularly important to have regular times of the  To build relaxation and mindfulness into everyday life. The people are then more concentrated, more balanced, more relaxed and able to do so more easily master and enjoy life .  That is why I offer units and courses for babies, toddlers, school children, teenagers and young people  up to the adult .


Since professional life is also becoming more and more stressful and mainly time-controlled, it would be very good to treat yourself to short relaxation units, even during work. For this reason, it is also of particular concern to me than  energetic business mental trainer  To be able to offer related assistance.

Why do I love my job?

I love working with people from the bottom of my heart, whether they're babies, toddlers, school children, teenagers or adults of all ages. Everyone who comes to me is unique and has an individual concern that can be processed, which makes my job very varied!

It is fun to be able to accompany each and every part of their journey and I am very happy every time the desired success occurs.

Collaborating on a "thing" to be in exchange, listen, just be there and offer help and pass on "Tools" prepared me a lot of joy!

I am allowed to pass on my life experiences, my acquired knowledge and above all my love for this wonderful work !

curriculum vitae

Until 2007:

  • Completion of elementary schools and the commercial academy,

  • Degree in economics and social sciences (focus on trust and controlling) at the University of Graz,

  • Work in a tax consultancy

2007 to current:

  • Mother of two great boys


  • Training to become a "certified learning coach"

2013 to July 2015:  

  • Training to become a "graduate child energetic and graduate child mental / empathy trainer" as well

  • "Dipl. Psychological energetic"

October 2015 to July 2016:

  • Training to become a "Dipl. Chakra Energetic" and

  • "Tao Healing Bodywork according to Dr. Mazza - Practitioner"

December 2015:  

  • Human energy business registration

October 2016 to 2017:

  • Training as a "qualified mental and empathy trainer for adults",

  • "Aura energetic" as well

  • "Tao Healing Bodywork according to Dr. Mazza Advanced Practitioner"


March to May 2017:  

  • Training as a "speaker for baby massage courses"

June 2017:

  • Training as a "pedagogically qualified person for childcare"


  • Training in "systemic ritual process work" and

  • to the "nature coach according to Dr. Mazza"


  • Training as "meditation leader and soul travel companion",

  • "Business mental training and business energetics",

  • "Burnout prevention, rituals and exercises for burnout prophylaxis",

  • "Using the healing power of the reflex zones for health promotion",

  • "Unfolding the miracle of femininity",

  • "Dipl. Tao Healing Cranio Sacral Body Work",

  • "Accompany the high sensitivity of adults, adolescents and children energetically",

  • "Activate the self-healing powers for a powerful life",

  • "Mental causes of complaints",

  • "Subjects of addiction and self-destructive self-sabotage mechanisms from the perspective of energetics and TCM",

  • "Energetics, nutrition and mindful eating",

  • "Gemstone practitioner according to Dr. Mazza"


  • Assistantship at the Bios Academy for "child energetics and children's mental / empathy trainer training"

from 2020:

  • Assistant at the Bios Academy for "child energetics and children's mental / empathy trainer training"


  • Certified BBA trainer (body-brain-activity trainer)

  • Certified trainer in adult education

  • Certification "Quality Management Professional Care - Human Energy" WKO

Diplomas - certificates 
Client Reviews
Quality seal of the Chamber of Commerce

In the course of the WKO's human energetics qualification program, I received the certification seal "Quality Management PROFESSIONAL CARE" in June 2021, as well as the previous years​ Quality seal in bronze and silver . These guarantee that I offer quality work which is based on compliance with the guidelines of the catalog of criteria and using commercial recognized methods .

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