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Energetic body work for adults

What is energetic body work for adults?

In energetic body work , gentle touches and techniques are used to bring the adult back to physical, emotional and spiritual balance. I work with the 5 elements and the meridian points from TCM , with the chakras and the aura layers , as well as with images of nature and short meditations for adults during body work. I also have cranio-sacral balancing according to Dr. Incorporate Mazza into my work.


Through the targeted touches on the body , the consciously chosen images during a guided meditation and the resulting positive feeling, the individual goals of each individual are better achieved.  The flow of energy will improved, stress relieved and energetic blockages released . the Self-healing powers are activated and strengthened. Relaxation, inner peace, strength and patience increased.


The adult receives so-called "tools to feel better" in the form of mudras (= these are different hand-finger positions that are held in front of the body and lead to positive changes in the body), short, light self-touching techniques on the body,  and much more. for home with. This allows the person to give their body positive impulses until the next appointment and stay in the flow.

How long does the adult energetics session last?

  • 60 minute units, number as required

  • I recommend booking at least 5 units at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks  or to be combined with mental training units in order to achieve a lasting effect on the body.

Course of an adult energetics unit?

  • The process and the techniques used vary depending on the topic .

  • A unit always consists of:

    • a preliminary talk : the matter is discussed in more detail,

    • a main work part: this can either consist of an energetic body work or a mental training unit and

    • a debriefing part: the contents of the main part are briefly discussed and exercises for at home are given.

  • All units are individually tailored to the person and their development .

For whom is adult energetics suitable?

  • For all adults who, for example: ​​

    • want to improve their ability to concentrate,

    • want to support their body positively or want to bring it into harmony,

    • want to strengthen the self-healing powers,

    • want to improve the quality of sleep,

    • are highly sensitive and empathetic, find it difficult to deal with and seek energetic help,

    • ...

  • For all women who, for example:

    • have a child (daughter or son) in puberty and want to accompany them as a role model, in the form of mutual Rituals for the 1st menstrual period or the 1st ejaculation and much more.

    • wish for energetic accompaniment and support on "women’s issues of all ages" and have been clarified by a doctor.


  • For all parents:  

    • an energetic balance,

    • a strengthening of the self-healing powers,

    • Impetus to strengthen emotional stability

    • and much more. wish to make everyday family life more harmonious.

What do I work with in Adult Energetics?

  • Balance of the 5 elements via the organs and the meridians

  • Chakra work

  • Aura work

  • Tao Healing Bodywork according to Dr. Mazza with fascia work according to Dr. Mazza

  • Cranio Sacral Pulsing according to Dr. Mazza

  • Special women's work according to Dr. Mazza

  • Working with gemstones, gemstone pens and gemstone balls

  • Relaxation trips and various meditations on the respective topic

  • Support work with:

    • Grid tapes

    • Gemstones

    • Incense Mixes

    • Bach flower and Australian bush flower mixes

    • Mudras

    • positive beliefs

  • Further work with:

    • Energetic soul journeys as a nature coach according to Dr. Mazza

    • 8-level travel as a nature coach according to Dr. Mazza

    • Systemic ritual process work according to Dr. Mazza 

    • Energetic soul travel accompaniment according to Dr. Mazza 

How do I run the  Adult energetics - body work through?

  • Directly on the body: you're lying dressed on the massage table in my practice or

  • as a remote treatment: you make yourself comfortable at home , we discuss your topic before the energetic remote treatment , then you relax and I work remotely on your body, with your soul and your spirit. Then we will have another conversation and, if you want , you can get supportive exercises to take at home . The energetic remote treatment has the same effect as the direct body work.


Take a break


your energy

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Lailah Gifty Akita

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