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Welcome to mine

Entspannen- Lernen- Wohlfühlen- practice

for the whole family !


Whether mom / dad with baby, toddler, school child, teenager, adolescent or adult, I am happy to accompany you to relax so that you have a lot of joy and fun, concentrated and focused learn something new and feel completely at ease afterwards!

My slogan comes from this consideration.

Each of us, consciously or unconsciously, learn a lot of new things every day, from our first breath to our death.

It is important that you are relaxed

and you find meaning in what has been learned ,

make learning fun and joy prepares

and what you have learned can be anchored in you in the long term.


I offer you to techniques and methods

that  you can learn

faster, with more efficient and with a lot of fun!

You can learn about:  

 New baby massage techniques, improve school grades, learn new things in professional life more easily, connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain, be able to deal with emotions and feelings more easily, courageously recognize and walk new paths and goals, learn to deal with new life situations and much more ... !  

Our entire life is shaped by learning, something for me and soon also for you


fun  and a lot of joy!

Look at 

my different areas of work

 - there is definitely something for YOU!


I am really looking forward 

to hear from you! 

Best regards,



Just relax,

  listen to your heart,

  follow your heart.

It tells you


Your way!

Mag. Annemarie Brunner


And suddenly you know:

It's time,


to start

and  to the


to trust!

Master Eckhart        0664-5065327  
Graz and the Graz area  

Online in Austria and 
in the  entire  German speaking  space 

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